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Welcome to The FGA Group!

The FGA Group is a firm that uniquely combines multiple disciplines of consulting services to advance the public policy and/or economic interests of our clients.  The FGA Group represents a variety of companies that do business with, or are being significantly affected or regulated, by the federal government. Our government affairs services include lobbying on Capitol Hill, engagement with the Executive Branch, focused analytical assessments on how federal legislation and regulation will affect their operations, and strategic client-focused policy proposal development.  Business interests bump up against the federal government routinely, and The FGA Group has the senior-level experience and know-how to make the machinery of the federal government work for clients.  Our bottom line is that The FGA Group delivers for clients in ways that improve their bottom line.

In the current federal government era, when agencies are as intrusive in regulating the private sector as ever, and the Congress is routinely frozen in gridlock, advancing and protecting your private sector interest in Washington, DC is harder than ever.  As a result, traditional strategies don't necessarily work in today's Washington, DC climate.  Creative approaches and thinking outside the box to develop new strategies are necessary to engage with the key congressional and executive branch officials and other political forces that are the decision-makers affecting your  business or industry.

The FGA Group is uniquely capable to develop creative, outside the box strategies to provide you with the means, as your government affairs consultant in Washington, DC, to constructively and astutely engage the necessary political forces to positively affect your operations. The FGA Group has the experience, know-how, and creativity necessary to identify the key to attaining your federal objectives and to hit your strategic federal targets squarely in the center!

FGA Group Services and Clients

The FGA Group is a government affairs consulting firm that represents corporations and trade association whose interests are affected by government decisions.  The FGA Group client work includes: assisting a game-changing financial services company in its development, and regulatory approvals;  assisting a defense technology company in pitching its ground-breaking naval technology to DOD; assisting a client with a disruptive clean energy technology receive federal support from the Department of Energy. Services to attain client objectives include strategic political planning, policy development and advocacy, business development strategies, and political fundraising. For businesses that do business in Washington, DC or are severely impacted by the policies and regulations that come out of Washington, DC, this combination of services is a necessary formula for success!

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